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Working with me -

I've been where you are.

To put it simply, I know and remember pain, abuse, neglect, trauma, suffering, feeling poor, feeling arrogant, helplessness, loneliness and more. Today, I vouch in my ability to help you navigate through your journey only because I know the importance of the past hurts, and how to overcome them. I can help you shift into ease, with having to lose what's truly important for your happiness.

Working with me

Beach Meditation with Haritha

I have so much to offer you.

Creativity and life lessons go hand-in-hand. All the work I do is woven into tapping in and expressing the natural creative frequency we all carry. There's nothing fancy about this, except the concept of spirituality. In truth, everything is energy, and energy vibrates at specific frequencies to create an object, space or reality. The higher the frequency, the faster atoms move- like air. 


My work is to simply help you raise this frequency, so that we go from limiting mindsets, insecurities, trauma and pain, to all forms of love and abundance. For this reason, I have integrated all my services with mindset coaching, reprogramming or both. 

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Having someone you trust in times of chaos and confusion is essential, especially when we're on the path of self-growth. I choose to be there for you, because you are there for yourself. I'm committed to watching you shine, as you are to yourself.

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We're the toolkit to our own success. We're the channels for others' success too. Working with me will help you bring balance in showing up for yourself and others, in a way that is most authentic to you. I do this using the Universal codes of energy medicine, creativity, and knowledge.

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We live in a physical reality. Feelings are the most important to manifest this reality, however so is action and actually living in this reality! Manifestation without action is just a dream. Aside from healing and coaching, you'll receive guidance on practical action steps to take to bring your dreams into reality.

Self-love is the new MONEY.


Join my group meditations, workshops and coaching and healing sessions, or purchase the recorded content to study at your own pace.

These sessions aim to raise awareness through discussions and education of self-help and spiritual topics such as self-worth, health, balance, detachment, femininity and masculinity, and more. Tools and tips are also shared to support the participants in the long-term.

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